Introducing Mulbarton Parish Council

Serving the Community:

Mulbarton Parish Council usually meets at 7.30 pm on the first Monday of every month in the Committee Room of the Village Hall. There are currently seven Councillors, who are resident in the Village and serve in a voluntary capacity, plus a Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer who is a part-time paid official employed by the Council.

The Council’s responsibilities include the provision and maintenance of three play areas at the Village Hall, one on the Common and another at The Meadows as well as the Skate Park, Mulberry Park and Orchard Park. It provides allotment sites and maintains various green areas situated around the Village, and carries out limited grass cutting on these areas and some verges.

South Norfolk Council (SNC) manages The Common; they are the managing agents for the land owner who is a private individual. A summary of the byelaws can be found on The Common section of this website.

The Council also provides grit bins and doggy bins and pays for their emptying. The maintenance of the clock in the Church tower, which is designated as the village’s War Memorial is paid for by the Parish Council, who also support the Church to maintain the local churchyard.

The Council owns the Village Hall and surrounding land, although the building is managed by the Village Hall Management Committee, a Registered Charity. The Council provides and maintains some of the footpaths in and around the village and has five noticeboards which are located at the Village Hall car park entrance, by the Village Hall main entrance, at the junction of Long Lane and The Common, Mulberry Gardens and the entrance to The Meadows.

It also comments on any planning applications in the parish which are put before the local planning authority, SNC. It reviews proposed legislation which is likely to have a local impact and respond to both local and national consultations on behalf of the Parish.

Whilst the Council responds to planning applications on behalf of the parish, individuals are able to make their own comments. This can be done by logging onto South Norfolk Council’s planning portal at and following the instructions. Alternatively contact Planning Administration by e-mailing to planning at South Norfolk. Or calling on 01508 5333845 or Freephone 0808 1683000, or writing to SNC South Norfolk House, Swan Lane, Long Stratton, Norwich NR15 2XE. Further information is available from the Parish Clerk at [email protected] or 01508 578134

The Councillors are also pro-active in promoting the community’s interests, e.g. holding public meetings on important issues, providing a website giving useful information on the village and representing Mulbarton on other forums.

All this is paid for through the Parish Council Precept which is collected from local residents by SNC as part of the Council Tax charge.

Any parishioner can apply to become a Councillor, either by standing for election or by expressing an interest when a vacancy becomes available. More information about being a Parish Councillor can be found on the SNC website or by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Mulbarton Parish Council welcomes the public to its meetings and gives them an opportunity to speak on matters of interest, usually before and after the formal part of the meeting. However, once the formal agenda is underway visitors cannot take part in the debates. We also ask all participants to ensure their mobile phones are switched off during the meeting.

Councillors are always willing to discuss topics put forward by the public. If a parishioner wishes to raise a point with the council they may contact the Clerk or Chairman at least 10 days prior to the meeting so that the matter may be included on the Agenda.

The Parish Council’s AGM is usually held at its May meeting. The agenda and date of the next meeting is posted on the Council noticeboards as indicated above.

An Annual Parish Meeting, which is chaired by the Parish Council Chairman, takes places on a Monday evening between 1st March and 1st June each year; the date and agenda are posted in advance on the notice boards. This meeting gives local groups, societies and voluntary organizations a chance to promote their achievements to the community.

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