Parish Council Meetings

A guide to Parish Council meetings:

Parish Council meetings are held at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month, excluding Bank Holidays, in the Committee Room, located at the Village Hall.

The Parish Council at their meetings discuss a variety of issues that affect the community. The agenda is published on this website and the Council’s noticeboards around the village, by the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

  • All public meetings of the Parish Council give an opportunity for members of the public to speak. There are two public sessions, listed on the agenda, when the Chairman will invite the public for comments or questions.
  • Both these sessions last a maximum of 20 minutes each. With individuals having a maximum of five minutes each.
  • A question asked during a public session will not generate debate by the Councillors or an immediate response. The Chairman may direct that a response to a question be referred to a Councillor or the Clerk for a written or oral response at a later date.
  • There is no given timescale for decisions; you may contact the Clerk sometime after the meeting for an update.
  • If an item is not on the agenda then no decision can be made at that meeting.
  • Matters that are confidential or commercially sensitive may not be addressed in public.
  • You can contact the Clerk prior to a meeting if you wish to arrange to speak during either public session. If you wish to provide written information this must be given to the Clerk before the meeting for circulation, ideally ten days prior. Further guidance is available from the Clerk.
  • All members of the public are politely reminded that all mobile devices should be switched off or put on silent before a meeting commences.
  • All members of the public are politely reminded they may not obstruct the transaction of business at a meeting or behave offensively or improperly.